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Frankfurt is what you make out of it

                                   Photography by KAD

Frankfurt am Main, 24.FEB.201

"Frankfurt is the financial and transport centre of Germany and the largest financial centre in continental Europe. It is the seat of the European Central Bank..."

...Blahblahblah sounds like the most boring city in the world, but it's not. Well it depends what you make out of it. Below is a description of, what I think,a perfect day in Frankfurt would be like. In my mind it would be colourful, individual and creative. 

x Kad

for example - FRIDAY: 

10.00 - grab a coffee @ "Wackers Kaffee" in Bornheim(Bergerstr. 185).

11.00 - visit an art-exhibition for ex. @ "Schirn" museum (am Römerberg)

 13.00 - Lunchtime / if you do not want to eat at those typical, mainstream restaurants, you should probably visit the "Bahnhofsviertel" (train station district)here are some suggestions...

African: "Im Herzen Afrikas" (Gutleutstraße 13)
Vietnamese: "Jade" (Moselstraße 18)
Global: "IMA Kitchen" (Ottostraße 19)
Chinese: "PAK CHOI" (Elbestraße 12)
Indian: "Ruchi" (Ludwigstraße 12)

15.00 - definitely time for some shopping! below you'll find a list of frankfurts coolest shops.  

"Hayashi" (Börsenplatz 13-15)  
minimalist and well merchandised store, get Designerbrands like Kenzo,IRO,Isabel marant Étoile here.
"Urban Outfitters"(Roßmarkt 13) 
US Lifestyle Brand: vintage,ironically,humorous,apparel and furniture also luxury brands and several designer collaborations

"Pulse and Vogue"(Kirchnerstraße 2)
lovely small shop,you'll find Brands like Acne or 5preview here

"Uebervart" (Kaiserstraße 20 & Kleiner Hirschgraben 14)
supercool Menswear store, apparel&shoes visit:

"Sneaker King"(Weißfrauenstraße 2-8) 
as the name obviously says it is a shoeshop,they have Asics,Nike,Fred Perry etc.

"2nd HOME"(Vogelsbergstr. 68)
Concept Store

"Epiphany" (Zeil 10)
Vintage shop 

"Peggy Sue Shop"(Sandweg 61)
Retro 60's Fashion&Lifestyle

"Kauf dich Glücklich"(Große Eschenheimerstr.39) 

"CARHARTT"(Am Salzhaus 4)

"American Apparel" (Kaiserstraße 23) 
US Brand well known for their "made-in-LA-UNISEX-cotton-clothes"

"Railslide" (Neue Kräme 34) 

"COS" (Goetheplatz 4)

15.00 GIMME A BREAK...
The good thing about Frankfurt is, that you can reach everything in about 10-15 mins by Bike,Train or Taxi! So don't you leave the centre, here are some lovely places where you get something nice and sweet! 

"Bitter&Zart"(Braubachstraße 14)
Chocolaterie & Salon

"la maison du pain"(Bockenheimerlandstr.66)
French bakery

IMORI Pâtisserie & Restaurant


 19.30 Dinner!? 

"Chez Ima"(Niddastraße 58)

"Blumen"(Rotlintstraße 60)
 small parisianstyle restaurant with a weekly surprise menue

"Margarete"(Braubachstraße 18)
For me,this place is the perfect mix between an exclusive restaurant with an urbanfeeling and a cool casual bar. 

"Heimat"(Berlinerstraße 70)

"Frankfurter Burger Company"(Leipzigerstr.15)
...maybe the best Burgers in town 

20.30 get yourself some Popcorn &'s Movietime at "Metropolis Cinema" (Eschenheimer Anlage 40) 

23.00 anyone up for a Drink!? My fav Bars...

"Bar ohne Namen"(Eschenheimer Tor 3)
"Maingold" (Zeil 1)
"Barhundert"(Stiftstraße 34)
"Rote Bar" (Mainkai 7)
"Margarete"(Braubachstraße 18)
"Moloko"(Kurtschuhmacherstraße 1)
"Plank"(Elbestraße 15)
"Place to be"(Weißadlergasse 3)

1.30 After the party is the afterparty...

"Silbergold"(heiligkreuzgasse 22)
a small indie/electro club which became already a frankfurt place to be. 

"Robert Johnson"(Nordring 131)
probably one of the most famous techno/electro clubs in Germany or even europe. 

"Berliner Bar"(Berlinerstraße 2)

"Clubkeller"(Textorstraße 26)

small oldschool club in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, which is the more lovely and traditional part of frankfurt, on the other side of the river(free entry most of the time)  

"Travolta"(Brönnerstraße 17) 
If you like HipHop and Pop, that's the right club to spend a night.

The place to be and party in Frankfurt is def. "the train station district" the clubs are affected by their surrounding and inspired by the red light district, which makes it unique.

"Intimbar"(Elbestraße 34)

"Lido"(Moselstraße 32)

"Pik Dame"(Elbestraße 31) 

                         ...the next day...cheers! 







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